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Our Tools And Methods

Keyword Research - Google Adwords :

Googld Adwords Keyword research tool is widely known and easy to use keyword research method. We have expert people who have been doing keyword research though this simple tool from last 3 years. They know all the nuts and bolts of it. It makes the complex keyword research work easy to perform.

Competition Analysis - Mejestic SEO

Mejestic SEO is the leading Competition Analysis tool in the market today. Top search professional companies use them as trusted method to analysis the competition in the industry, and we are proud to be one of them. Some of the features available with them are bulk back link checker, link profile fight, comparator and keyword checker. It offers packages to suit the needs of our clients.

Good Analytics- Visitors Tracking:

Google Analytics is essential for businesses looking to focus and value their incoming traffic and potential buyers. GA provides analysis that is unparalleled in its detailing. By evaluating the incoming source of traffic and keyword queries we set customer goals and based on them we check how our work is being valued by search engines. We have expert people who have spent hours on GA in polishing their skills and output.

Good Adwords- PPC

Google is the biggest Internet giant. And when we talk about PPC , Google Adwords takes the spot #1. We have adwords certified professionals working for your PPC campaigns. As of now we say PPC , it means PPC Campaigns though Google Adwords. We have expert people who know their stuff. They help you starting your first campaign, setting up different ads, deciding geographical locations as per your business and much more.

SERP Book- Rank Tracking:

SERP Book is a piece of software to provide current ranking and positions within the major search engines. Each of our clients wants to see ranking at the different level of the project and we could not have checked ranking manually for each of them, so we use SERP Book as our back end tool to check and compare your rankings for keywords. It provides reports in graphs and other easy to understand formats. So our clients get an eye on how successful his campaign is going on with us!

HootSuite - Social Media:

We create customized face book pages, linkedin Company pages and G+ pages for our clients. Our clients want to use those social profiles to show their existing content from their blogs. They also want to see the weekly /monthly insight from those social profiles. We use HootSuite as the medium to do the task for them. We set up their individual account and give them freedom to see everything with complete transparency. Hootsuit helps us to monitor different metrics on those social profiles.

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