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Internet marketing has emerged as a new concept of promoting products and services during last two decades by every organization whether it is governmental or private organization engaged in delivering services and manufacturing products. Going through the relevance of Internet marketing, every organization in current scenario considers it necessary to host its website for exploring information about its products and services. To promote their products and services on website every organization adopts various techniques for grabbing traffic on their website and acquiring top position in results of search engines.

Pay per Click (PPC)

Pay per Click (PPC) is a new concept in world of Internet Marketing under which a company which does not have its own website pays a fix amount of money to particular website for promoting its products on its website. As a normal practice products are promoted on the websites which are placed at top position by search engines. PPC is also referred as marketing through search engines. The mode of payments is determined according to number of times your advertised in clicked on that particular website. But it does not mean that by just signing a contract with particular website you may promote your products on its website, there are certain restrictions of PPC. It would be therefore beneficial to understand the process of PPC which involves completion of various operations which includes selection of appropriate keywords, placement of bid, availability of funds, selection of search engines etc.

1. Selection of appropriate keywords: It can be considered as the most important step of promoting your website by various search engines whether you are hosting your personal website or using other website for promoting your products and services. Selection of appropriate keywords is also considered as brain wash exercise of your promotional campaign. The keywords selected should be such which may help in exploring your products and which are commonly used by the researchers.

2. Availability of funds: Allocation of suitable funds is the major requisite in every operation whether you are operating your own business or hosting your own website. PPC is not an exception to it. When you are promoting your product on other website it becomes more important, it is therefore necessary to determine availability of funds you have on your hands.

3. Placement of bid: Placement of bid is regarded as an important process of PPC campaign. Under this process bid is determined on the basis of keywords which company intends to promote its products. In simple terms it indirectly reveals the amount which company will invest on advertising its products on pay per click. Moving ahead recently this term is redefined by various search engines of PPC especially by Google according to which PPC is not only restricted to placement of advertisement but it also covers the relevance of page, whether it is according to requirement of researcher or not.

4. Selection of search engines: After selection of appropriate keywords and determination of funds, selection of search engines is one of the most critical steps in operation of PPC. Among the huge fleet of various search engines providing facility of PPC the highly liked search engines are Google Adwords, Yahoo and MSN. However all these search engines have their own benefits and restrictions. The charges of promoting on these websites is based upon the scale of their popularity, for renowned search engines charges are high whereas for less popular search engines charges are less.

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